West Point Utah Sprinkler Repair Services

Wilkins Landscaping specializes in sprinkler repair, system restoration, alterations, field wiring, valve replacements, head replacements and much more. Wilkins Landscaping can help repair most outdoor drainage issues you may be facing. Contact us today at 801.389.6691 and we’ll be happy to come out quickly to diagnose your sprinkler system issues and build you a free estimate for the repair. Broken lines and damaged sprinkler parts can cause huge issues, don’t let them go unresolved as they can cause larger issues to your home and property. Call us today at 801.389.6691 for a free estimate if you’re in the West Point Utah area.

Schedule a Sprinkler System Tune-Up Today

Is your sprinkler system and yard getting older and water is no longer reaching everywhere that it should? This is often a result of the evolution of your yard and landscape. As your yard gets older and plants continue to grow and spread out, your sprinkler system is the same. It’s probably not necessary to completely redo your entire sprinkler system, but it might be a good idea to have it re-tuned and adjusted. We recommend a sprinkling system tune-up every 3-5 years. We have experienced irrigation experts that will make sure that your entire yard is being covered.

Some of Our Services – Call 801.389.6691 for a Complete List

  • Sprinkler Head Repair & Adjustments
  • Rotor Head & Arc Adjustments
  • Sprinkler Head Height Adjustments
  • Nozzle Unclogging
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Inspect Main Lines for Leaking
  • Check Control Valves & Panels
  • Inspect Irrigation for Water Pressure Issues
  • Set Up Watering Schedule Based on City/ Government Restrictions
  • Program Irrigation Controls if Needed

These are just some of the sprinkler repair services that Wilkins Landscaping provides to our customers in the West Point Utah areas. For more information or to request a visit and a free estimate call us at 801.389.6691

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