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Tree Care & Tree Removal Services

Wilkins Landscaping provides quality tree trimming services in the Northern Utah areas. Our company’s goal is beautify every property that we touch. We’ve been in business for nearly 10 years and we’re excited to win your business! If you have trees that need trimming or trees that need to be removed all together we can help.

If you’re looking for a service to help you keep your trees beautiful and strong, you’ve found it with Wilkins Landscaping.

Contact us today at 801.389.6691 and we’d love to come out and give you a free estimate on any of your tree trimming or tree removal needs.

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Utah Tree Trimming Services - Salt Lake, Weber and Davis Counties

Top 5 Reasons You Need to Trim Your Trees

  1. Remove Damaged Branches: Pests, animals, storms, people and poorly used trimming equipment can damage tree branches. Unless properly taken care of this can severely damage your trees. Damaged branches not only make your property look bad but can also create hazards and can become a place where insects and disease to congregate. Trees should always be treated when damage occurs.
  2. Control Size & Direction: When your trees are properly pruned and trimmed, you can make sure that the size and direction in which your tree is growing is under control.
  3. Remove Hazards: This is one of the most critical reasons that trees should be trimmed regularly. Dead branches can fall very easily with windy weather or severe storms. When your tree branches are hanging over your home or sit above power lines it can pose major threats.
  4. Helps Your Trees Grow: Generally trees are healthier and grow more efficiently when they are properly taken care of with thinning and trimming. Taking proper care of your trees help roots become stronger, and enables them to survive the stormy seasons.
  5. Prevent Diseases: Just like us, trees can contract diseases. It’s very important that when a tree contracts a disease, that you treat it as soon as possible. Pruning and trimming can help treat and prevent the disease from spreading to the entire tree.

Wilkins Landscaping and design would love to help keep your trees healthy and strong. Call us today at 801.389.6691 and we’ll give you a free quote on any tree trimming needs you might have.